Technical Manual for Construction Cutting Specialists 

In 1993, the Swiss Association of Concrete Drilling and Cutting Enterprises (SVBS) published a textbook for concrete specialists under the title “Der Betontrennfachmann”. There followed a second edition in German, also a French and an English version.

The book received much attention from construction cutting specialists and, besides being used as teaching material for training courses, it formed the basis of the examinations for the Swiss concrete specialists' qualification “Dipl. Betontrennfachmann”. 

The descriptions given in this book represent the most recent developments in the technology and the equipment used for the controlled demolition of buildings and other structures.

The “Technical Manual for Construction Cutting Specialists” was written for the following target groups:

  • As a basis for the training of apprentices in the construction cutting sector

  • As a basis for the training of semi-skilled employees on fast track courses (trainees from other fields with construction cutting experience)

  • Trainees from other fields without construction cutting experience

  • Construction cutting companies and their clients (service providers)

  • Operators and planners in the construction trade (building contractors, architects, engineers, etc.)

  • Authorities, planning departments, the military, civil defence, etc.

  • Suppliers (machine and tool manufacturers) 



The English version, now available, is based

on the German version, although some chapters

which focus predominately on Swiss standards

have been omitted. It should also be mentioned

that, amongst other items, the explanations on

electrical power are described using the

European power supply (3-phase mains

network of 400 Volts) as an example, although

this does not apply everywhere in the world.

Moreover, all quantities are given in the metric


The information and data given in this book are

often based on values obtained from

experience, but these may differ from the legally

required standards applicable at the respective

place of use. The user must, therefore, verify

the information and data given in this book with

regard to the place of use and, when required,

stringently apply the locally prescribed


We are pleased that we have succeeded in publishing this book in English. It will make a worldwide contribution towards ensuring that construction cutting projects are completed more efficiently and safer, and will provide construction cutting person- nel with a solid foundation for this profession. 

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